2015 Costume Contest and Harvest Party

Children’s Harvest Party
and Costume Contest

October 17, 2015
6:30 PM — 8:30 PM
The HOA will be providing the drinks, treats, games, and prizes for this year’s party. We encourage parents to bring home-baked or goodies for our treat tables.
Rain date: 10/24/2015

Reminder: Magnolia Lakes Roads will be closed on White Oak Circle from the East corner of Berry Hill Drive to Radford Lane from 5:30PM until after the event. Please use the west side of White Oak Circle or Berry Hill Drive when making your way through our community. Thank you for your cooperation.

Volunteers Needed to help

  • Set up
  • Clean up
  • Sign in children
  • Serve treats
  • Run games
  • Hand out prizes
  • Donate treats

If you’d like to volunteer drop us a line or leave a comment below.

Give a little

At the party we will also have donation boxes for

  • Dry and Canned goods for homeless veterans, and women’s shelter Food Banks
  • Treats for our Troops (including K-9 members)
  • S.P.C.A., and Eau Gallie South Care Animal Shelters
  • Eyeglasses Mission

A letter from your HOA President

Residents of Magnolia Lakes Community,

Recently the HOA Board received a letter that has prompted us to respond by getting this community in a place of understanding. We are firm believers that it is each neighbor and citizen’s business and duty to take action and report fellow neighbors or citizen who violate the laws, codes, or covenants. These laws are in place for good reason, either to protect citizens (including children) from harm, protect animals, to protect property, or to maintain property and the surrounding environment. Some laws, codes, or covenants may seem silly or unnecessary to us, and some are. Never the less, until those laws, codes, or covenants are changed by the actions of the out cries of our citizens, and the actions taken by our governing bodies, then they MUST BE UPHELD. Paid, or volunteer persons take on the tough duties to assure laws are upheld for the greater good.

The rules of this community are the covenants, and by choosing to live here, every resident (whether homeowner or renter) has signed a contract to agree to live by our covenants. Furthermore, that agreement includes that the guest of each resident abides by these same rules. Just as with the laws of our governing sources of city, county, and country, you as a resident of this community must foremost make sure YOU abide by the covenants of this community. You as a homeowner also have the right to address and or report violations of your neighbor. HOWEVER, NO matter what your neighbor is doing, or not doing, YOU are STILL responsible for your actions, or lack there of. If in the wrong, you will likely be held accountable.

The Board of this community volunteers to uphold our covenants. When we send out violation notices, we do so in accordance to the covenants that the developer that built this community wrote. We as a Board try to start off sending these letters with a friendly reminder, stating the covenant that is directly connected to your violation in question, and request you come into compliance as soon as possible. We repeat these letters until the homeowner comes into compliance, OR until they are finally sent to either Appeals/Fining committee, or the lawyer for further action.

Each volunteer Board, ARC, or Appeals Committee member must ALSO abide by the very same covenants of this community, or be held responsible for not doing so. HOA volunteers are NOT exempt, nor do we have any expectations of being exempt. We too can, and on occasion have been held responsible for violations of our covenants.

It is foolish and childish for anyone to respond to any type of violation by attacking others with invented, or even real violations. You cannot justify your violation with someone else’s wrongdoing. The best way to a resolution of your violation is for you to comply as peacefully and quickly as possible. Don’t waste your time, or ours on attacks on others, or refusal to come into compliance. If you do, in the end, you will be the one with regrets, when you accrue large fines, fees, or even lose your home… or at the very least, the respect of your neighbors. As residents of a deed restricted community we all have the same choices. Those choices are to live in compliance, move elsewhere, or deal with the financial consequences of not living in compliance. We all can make mistakes, or get caught up with situations that arise in life. If you’ve fallen on hard times, you need to address your Board in writing and we can evaluate your issue and possibly offer you more time to come into compliance. We can’t work with you, if we don’t have anything to work with.

Furthermore, it’s foolish to take advice from residents that neither know their covenants, nor attend Board, or ARC meetings, or worse, may be in violation themselves. If you need a covenant reference, when online at www.magnolialakes.net, locate the tool bar, click on the “covenants” option. Most questions can be answered within those pages. Or ask a Board member, or attend a meeting.

Lastly, on the website, you’ll find on each page a highlighted box in the top corner for “ARC”, click on that to retrieve an ARC application, or again, ask a Board member to get one for you.

Thank you,
Your HOA Board

Solicitors, Canvassers and Peddlers

The City of Melbourne issues permits to Solicitors, Canvassers and Peddlers, requiring each of them to acknowledge the text below. The Board of Directors would like to remind you that there is NO SOLICITING within Magnolia Lakes, however sometimes people or organizations choose to “not see” or otherwise ignore the signs. If a solicitor comes to your door politely remind them that it is not allowed in the community and ask them to leave.

Ord. No 2003-18
Sec.26-3. Restrictions and Requirements

(a) Solicitors, peddlers or and canvassers may operate in a residential area between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and in a commercial area during the hours a business is open.

(b) Solicitors and peddlers my operate in a commercial area when permission of the property owner has been given. The operation must be of a temporary nature. The business tax receipt does not permit sale of goods, wares or merchandise to the general public nor does it permit the attraction of vehicular or pedestrian traffic from the public right-of-way onto the private property by any means.

(c) Solicitors, peddlers and canvassers are restricted from soliciting, peddling or canvassing in areas where such activities would materially obstruct, impede or interfere with the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

(d) Solicitors, peddlers and canvassers are restricted from soliciting, peddling and canvassing on premises in areas where a notice stating “No Solicitors’ or “No Solicitation” is posted in plain view.

(e) No more than two (2) solicitors, peddlers or canvassers shall contact any one (1) member of the public at any one (1) time.

(f) Solicitors, peddlers and canvassers will not persist in their activities after the request has been declined, and they will immediately and peaceably depart from the premises when the requested to do so by the occupant.

(g) Solicitors, peddlers and canvassers shall not harass persons by demanding, threatening or intimidating conduct.