In Memory of Peter Hartshorne

Peter J. Hartshorne

Son, brother, husband, father-Poppy–grandfather, 25 year Navy man, friend, neighbor, Vice President Board member.
The Magnolia Lakes Community has lost a brother to us all, a man who set the bar for giving of ones self.

On Friday June 3rd, 2016, while awaiting the opportunity to do what Peter did so well, an act of charity, he was taken suddenly to be with our Lord.

Peter was well known in this community, not only because of his service on the HOA Board, and the janitorial work he preformed at the pool and basketball court, but because we can say with absolute assurance, that you’d be hard pressed to find a neighbor he didn’t help in one way or another.

Peter, and his family moved into this community early in its development, and he hit the ground running in his service to Magnolia Lakes, and his neighbors.

He was on the first Homeowners Board when it was turned over from the developer.

He was a rare man of good will, and a generous heart.

He was a 4AM riser to start his day of hard work and charitable acts.

He was always seen throughout our community doing something for someone, or running a grandchild somewhere.

Peter was in a word, “remarkable”, or maybe another word would be, “outstanding” however, he didn’t do what he did alone, he had a teammate, a life-mate who arose every morning to assist him and to help him start his day.

They say behind every good man is a good woman, and this proved true for Peter. His wife Cindy is as hardworking and kind as Peter, and he couldn’t have accomplished his life’s mission without her loving support and hard work

Please honor our friend Peter, and show your loving support by paying forward kindness to Cindy, her children, and the grandchildren she is now left alone to raise. Peter’s unexpected death has left many loose ends for his family to work through.

He would have been there to help anyone of us who might have been left in the same circumstances.

And to those who have shown your kindness, I say in Peter’s, and Cindy’s behalf, “Thank you, it is well appreciated.”

We can never replace our dear friend, nor would we want too.

His death is a great shock to us all, and he will be dearly missed.

He set a fine example and we can only hope to honor his memory by following in his footsteps of selflessness.

Anchors Away to heavenly seas dear friend.

Superbowl L Party

Dear Residents and Home Owners

Bring a snack to share, and your own blanket and seating for personal use, and join the Nortons, the HOA, and other homeowners for an outdoors HUGE screening of this years Super-Bowl game. Homeowners Jerry, and Laura Norton will graciously host and set up a big screen viewing of the Super-Bowl on the side of their 2 story home adjacent to the Basketball court. The HOA will provide tables for the snacks and a hot beverage station, and fire pits to warm the chilly night.

Reminder, for this event the HOA will not be providing seating, so don’t forget your lawn chair.

AT&T Invades Magnolia Lakes

A message from Charlotte Rose, HOA President

MAGNOLIA LAKES COMMUNITY, I called the number on the orange tag left on my door and found out some good, and some not so good news. AT&T is out in our neighborhood and they are getting ready to install the fiber optic high speed (supposedly highly reliable cable) called Light-Gig. U-verse is Bright house and so I’ve heard is still copper cable and less reliable….as I’ve said, so I’ve heard, but I don’t have personal knowledge of this. So please don’t go on a defensive attack.

Anyhow, you may have noticed all the lovely orange and red paint marking all over our lawns and streets, as well as utility and AT&T workers out and about the neighborhood. In the next couple of weeks they will be running the Light-Gig cable, but they don’t know when the service will actually be available to us. They will likely be doing some damage to our lawns and streets, but promise to correct any damage done.

Also, the utility companies will be placing flags to spot where our gas, water, and electric lines are running so, IF YOU DON’T WANT BIGGER PROBLEMS, PLEASE LEAVE ALL THE FLAGS IN PLACE UNTIL THIS WORK IS COMPLETED.

If you need to do lawn work, place the flags back in the exact same spot after you’ve completed your work. Everyone should have received a bright orange door tag with a number to call if you have questions or concerns. However, just in case you didn’t, call Ivy Smith, Mon.-Fri., from 7AM-4:30PM @1-407-855-1801. She will graciously do her best to answer your questions.

If any of you out there has Light-Gig service from AT&T please share your experience with us. We’d like to know if it will be worth the switch when it is available to us here.