2014 Costume Contest and Harvest Party

Children’s Harvest Party
and Costume Contest

October 18, 2014
6:30 PM — 8:30 PM
The HOA will be providing the drinks, treats, games, and prizes for this year’s party. We encourage parents to bring home-baked or goodies for our treat tables.
Rain date: 10/25/2014
Reminder: Magnolia Lakes Roads will be closed on White Oak Circle from the East corner of Berry Hill Drive to Radford Lane from 5:30PM until after the event. Please use the west side of White Oak Circle or Berry Hill Drive when making your way through our community. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pool Closed April 5-11

floater The pool will be closed for repairs from April 5th through April 11th.  We apologize for the inconvenience but the resurfacing work being done is necessary to maintain safety and adhere to city, county, and state regulations.

Attention Pet Owners

leash_warningThe board would like to remind you that it is against county ordinances to allow your dog or cat to relieve itself on public or private property:

Sec. 14-59. Defecating, urinating on public or private property.

No animal shall be permitted or allowed to defecate or urinate upon any public property, or any private property, without permission of the property owner. It shall be the responsibility of the owner or person in control of the animal to dispose of or remove any excretions caused by the animal. It is a violation of this article for the owner of an animal to permit or allow the animal to defecate or urinate upon any public property, or any private property, without permission of the property owner.

(Ord. No. 93-05, § 1(4-12(4)), 4-13-93; Ord. No. 93-11, § 1(4-12(4)), 6-8-93; Ord. No. 94-24, § 1, 11-15-94; Ord. No. 98-01, § 16, 1-20-98)

Several pet owners have allowed their dogs to do their potty business on common grounds, on the sidewalks, streets, and private properties.  This wouldn’t be an issue, IF those pet owners cleaned up the dog droppings.

If you don’t wish to clean up after your dog, then you need to keep your dog on YOUR property. Not only is leaving dog poop in public, common, or private areas inconvenient, unsightly, messy, and unhealthy for your neighbors and the children who walk and play in these areas, but it is against the law and you CAN BE TICKETED for this offense. There are several handy dandy tools to help you clean up what your pets leaves, for instants, specialized pet waste bags, or reuse plastic grocery bags, and commercially sold pooper scoopers, or even large cat litter scoops.

For those with disabilities and are unable to bend or squat down to clean up the poop, I recommend the commercially sold handled pooper scooper, which can be purchased at any pet store, and is cheaper than just one ticket, let alone several tickets.

Breaking this law can cost you hefty fines, court appearances, and HOA warning letters and action.

Also, according to our local laws NO PET you own is supposed to roam free off leash beyond your private property. They CANNOT wander uninvited into neighbor’s yards, or private properties, common, or public areas ON or, OFF leash.

An animal under physical control, is an animal under mental control. The law states all animals must be leashed at all times when off the property of the animal owner.

In Brevard County, at large is defined as off the premises of the owner, and not under the physical control of a leash, cord or chain of sufficient strength to control the animal not to exceed six (6) feet in length. If you love your pet, leash your pet!

THIS IS THE LAW! This law includes ANY, and ALL types of pets that belong to YOU!

If the animal belongs to you, it belongs on your property, unless you have it leashed and attended and are walking in public or common areas.

Breaking this law will not only cause negative terms between neighbors, but it can also bring YOU hefty fines, court appearances, and HOA warning letters and action.